Structure Analysis & Design Work Services

We do the structural analysis & design of multistoried buildings & other civil engineering projects of any kind as may be of residential ,commercial, factories, godowns, water tanks(elevated/ground level) steel structures & etc. others.

Estimation,Quantity Surveying & Cost Analysis Works Services

We provide the estimation & cost analysis services for a civil engineering projects, based on the latest estimation computer software’s. The main authentication of our estimates & cost analysis is the measurement sheets.

Whenever this is required we can provide the measurement sheet of estimation worked out of the project in international format NLBD (No, length, breadth, & depth) format.

The estimation of building project is well defined & is more accurate, as we uses the latest software, in which the smaller deductions like overlapping of beams at junction, variable beam depths/widths,& etc. are easily calculated, which otherwise is not possible while calculating manually.

Valuation & Appreciation Works Services

Our main specialty in field of valuation report is in the category of cost valuation of immovable properties. For this, we use the latest computer software’s designed for the purpose. This type of valuation is available based on the standard rates (HSR rates), & customized rates on which the actual resources is been procured during the construction of a building project. And for the authentication purpose, we provide the measurement sheet also, whenever is required. This type of valuation could be useful for

Site Supervision & Project Management Works Services

We at omniscient entrepreneurs can provide the site supervision & project management services limited to the project & location. In this segment of our services, our main aim or target is to complete the project on time, & within the estimated cost. To achieve this, we scientifically plans the project for execution, & in this execution plan, we uses the following techniques & methods as

For New Design

We have more than 50+ designs for your office, you can choose or ask for new designs.

For Build a Project

After the confirmation our designing team will design & Completed more than your expectation.

For Renovation Work

We taking renovation works also, we will done with more satisfaction and less bugjet.